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Cupping Therapy Assistant Course

Who we are?

SKILL MEDICS is a unit of the International Cupping Association (ICA). International Cupping Association is running for 9 years, has been in Training, Research and development since then. They have been pioneers in training and skills on AYUSH and Alternative systems like Cupping Therapy, Panchakarma, Yoga, Acupuncture etc. with their development, perfection, and improvement in medicine. A team of professionals who are specialized are providing a wide range of Medical skills to the society.


Skill Medics is formed with an innovative step by Dr.Nadeem (President of ICA) to bring all systems practicing AYUSH and Alternative medicine like Cupping Therapy, Panchakarma, Yoga, Acupuncture, Physiotherapy etc under one roof to impart medical skills by the Professional Doctors to the society, create Job roles and Provide Placements in the Hospitals, Multispeciality Hospitals, Nursing Homes, AYUSH Clinics and centers, Polyclinics, NGO’s, PHC centers,AYUSH Colleges and hospitals etc

Programme Offered

Cupping therapy course includes explanations about cupping therapy, exploration Different types of cupping, and zoning among them which are the most popular. will you do Also consider the important benefits of cupping therapy – looking at the general Before diving into specific ailments the benefits of cupping for health purposes and Cosmetic use for practice.

Cupping Therapy Assistant

Panchakarma Assistant

Yoga Instructor


Physiotherapy Assistant

Ayurveda Dietician

Our Training

Theory 220 Hours

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Practical 300 Hours

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Job Training 240 Hours

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Affiliation And Accredition

We are affiliated and accredited with 4 star under the following:

Dr. B. Nadeem is an Ayurvedacharya (Ayurvedic consultant). He is specialist in Cupping(modern & tradition) , Acupuncture, Ayurvedic proctologist (Piles, fissure & fistula), Alternative therapies. He is an international lecturer of Cupping Therapy.

Dr. Nadeem — Founder

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